Review of “Heroes of Cosplay” premiere

SyFy’s new show about cosplayers, “Heroes of Cosplay” premiered last night after new season of FX artist competition series “Face Off.”  The show follows several cosplayers as they make their costumes, go to conventions and enter cosplay competitions.

“Heroes of Cosplay” generated a great deal of buzz on Twitter last night during it’s 10:30 premiere. Not all buzz is good, however. Some watchers don’t like the amount of drama or think that the show portrays cosplayers as being all about competing for money. The show certainly lives up to the fact that, beyond all else, it is a reality show.

Jesse Lagers, so far the only male cosplayer in the cast.

Jesse Lagers, so far the only male cosplayer in the cast.

The general issue seems to be that “Heroes of Cosplay” is the first mainstream look at cosplay that the U.S. is getting and the cosplay community has put their hopes for the average joe’s understanding of their hobby in SyFy’s hands. Sadly for them, portraying cosplay and all its intricacies is obviously not what this show is about.

It is, first and foremost, a reality-competition show, complete with all the drama expected of that type of show.

With that said, it’s not a bad reality show. As of this first episode there has been very little “bad drama.” There has yet to be any back biting, cat fights or a scene in which a character was told to leave the show because they just couldn’t cut it. For me, that already puts it a cut above the rest.

In the end we have to remember that a reality show is not meant to accurately portray, well, reality. Reality shows are not about facts, they aren’t about learning; they’re exclusively about entertainment. The entertainment value of drama is high, it’s what reality shows are all about, so of course everything is edited to make scenes more dramatic than they might actually have been.

The series could benefit from more scenes focused on the cast members working on their costumes, though. Exhibiting more of the competitors building their outfits would have sold the idea that they were under stress to complete their work. Instead we got a few clips of the competitors freaking out about their deadline that made them look as if they were overreacting.

So for now let’s keep this fact in mind: “Heroes of Cosplay” is not a documentary. It is first and foremost about entertaining and I’m of the impression the show did just that.

For more information check SyFy’s page dedicated to “Heroes of Cosplay.”


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